The Dancing Lion - Enamel Pin
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The Dancing Lion - Enamel Pin

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Charity Pin: 50% of the proceeds will go to  in support of Asian American civil rights and equality.

About the pin: the head swivels!

As a Taiwanese American, the Chinese/Taiwanese culture was often more influential in my life as opposed to the American culture, despite having grown up in the United States. As an adult, I've grown to love and appreciate my heritage, and it really saddens me hearing and reading the news of rapidly increasing Asian hate due to the on going pandemic. 

While my voice isn't as loud as other activists and more influential individuals, I hope to do my part in donating to a cause that can make a change. For every pin purchased, 50% of the proceeds will go towards AALDEF, which is an organization that's dedicated its purpose to helping Asian Americans find civil justice and equality. 

  • Body: 1.58"
  • Head: 1.57"
  • The head swivels!
  • Gold Plating
  • Hard Enamel
  • Two Yellow Rubber Clutches
  • Stamped Logo on the Back
  • Illustrated and Designed by Vivian Tsai

✦Disclaimer: Colors may vary, depending on computer or mobile screens, from final product.

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