Rooster "雞" - Zodiac Pin Series
Rooster "雞" - Zodiac Pin Series
Rooster "雞" - Zodiac Pin Series
Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios

Rooster "雞" - Zodiac Pin Series

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This loud and proud bird works tirelessly around the clock. If you are a rooster, then you're known to enjoy sticking to a schedule! Take this flightless bird on with you for some good luck.

  • Animal: 40.89mm tall
  • Text: 11.18mm
  • Gold Plating
  • Hard Enamel
  • Two Red Rubber Clutch
  • Stamped Logo on the Back
  • Illustrated and Designed by Vivian Tsai

Year(s) of the Rooster:

  • February 13th 2029 - February 2nd 2030
  • February 1st 2041 - January 21st 2042
  • February 19th 2053 - February 7th 2054

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