Mystery Bag - Seconds Sale - B-Grade Pins
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Mystery Bag - Seconds Sale - B-Grade Pins

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Mystery Bag Sale 

Choose your theme: 

  • Miscellaneous!* - Unlimited
  • Genshin Impact - 9 Designs
  • Pretty Guardians - 10 Designs
  • Zodiac - 7 Designs
  • Kingdom Hearts - 4 Designs
  • Gatchapon Ghibli - 4 Designs
  • Dungeons and Dragon - 13 Designs
  • Dangle Tail Pocket Monster - 11 Designs
  • Sailor Moon Silhouette - 6 Designs

*Miscellaneous can include any of the listed themes, included ones that are not listed or part of a particular theme or series.

The number of designs listed on the side are the available b-grade pins in each theme. For example, Kingdom Hearts only has 4 unique designs available. Should you purchase 5 or more, you will receive a random duplicate. 

In one order, if you select any themes within the design limit, you will not receive duplicates. However, if you make multiple orders with the same theme as the previous purchase, there is no guarantee for unique pins.

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