Heartbreaker Resin Dice Set
Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios

Heartbreaker Resin Dice Set

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Atypical to your math rocks, the unique broken heart artwork landed on the "1" of each of the designs, with the exception of the D4 (sadly, the space was too small to fit a custom artwork). 

The full set will come with D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D%, D20

Dice Size:

  • D4 - 1.7CM
  • D6 - 1.6CM
  • D10 - 2.2CM
  • D% - 2.1CM
  • D8 - 2.5CM
  • D12 - 2.1CM
  • D20 - 2.3CM

As these are handmade, please note that some slight variation, such as color, may be possible.


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