Busy Bee Bee-ret Beret
Busy Bee Bee-ret Beret
Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios

Busy Bee Bee-ret Beret

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A bundle of busy bees buzzing about on an adorable mustard yellow beret! 

  • Materials: 85% Wool; 15% Acrylic with Embroidery Thread
  • Top of Beret: 11" (28cm) in diameter
  • Circumference: 33.50" (85cm)
  • Inner Band: ~6.50" (15.50cm) in diameter

Charity Beret: 20% of the bee-ret sales will go to https://thehoneybeeconservancy.org/ -- learn more about their wonderful work! 

Note: Berets are handmade, and sizes can vary slightly. These are designed to be one-size fits all, however, if they are still too small, they can be gently stretched to your desire. There are plenty of tutorials online should you need a step by step process!

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