Brown Ita Backpack
Brown Ita Backpack
Brown Ita Backpack
Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios

Brown Ita Backpack

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An ITA bag is a play on the Japanese word, "itai," translating to ouch! The backpack is designed for you to place your pins behind a clear window so you don't have to accidentally prick yourself while trying to wear it on your shirt or worry about losing it!

NOTE:  B-Grades have minor yet noticeable marks on the window face, but does not affect the overall quality of the product.

Backpack Anatomy

  • Height: 13" (33.02CM)
  • Bottom Width: 6" (15.24CM)
  • Top Width: ~4" (10.16CM)
  • 5x5" (12.70CMx12.70CM) interior back pocket
  • Window/Pin Holder opens from end to end for easy pin access and insert placement
  • Pin Holder / Divider is padded with foam for stability and strength.
  • Adjustable Removeable Straps: ~20-37" (50.80-93.98CM)

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