Pin Grading Policy

Everything in enamel pins is made from making the mold to mix colors to applying the enamel. This allows for a slight variation in each piece. Every pin maker's grading standard is different. Please read this guide before you purchase.
Standard / A-Grades
Standard grades are the best grades available. However, this does not mean they are free from flaws. Pins may have very minor imperfections.
  • Minor discoloration in enamel
  • Slight smudge
  • Low-fill enamel pin small area
  • Wiggly back post
  • Slightly bent back post
  • Discoloration on the plating on the back or sides of the pin
  • Uneven metal thickness 
  • Tiny metal tags on the edge of the pin
  • Light scratches or scruff on metal or enamel

Seconds / B-Grades

Noticeable defects

  • Low-fill in large area
  • Chipped plating
  • Wrong enamel color
  • Large dents, scratches, or holes
  • Missing or largely misaligned screen print
  • Uneven texture/polished type

By purchasing from Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios, you agree to this policy. I do not accept refunds or exchanges, but please e-mail me at if there is any issues with your order.