Shipping Inquiry

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! I ship all over the world.


Q: Do you offer insurance?

A: Yes, insurance is available to all international orders and domestic orders of $50 or more.


Q: Do you offer priority shipping?

A: Yes, when you check out, you can select the option to purchase priority shipping.


Q: When do you ship out orders?

A: Generally, I package and ship out the next day, unless the order was placed on Friday, which then goes out on Monday. Exceptions are holidays or when I am out of town. 


 Q: My tracking says it's updated, but I haven't received my package. What do I do?

A: Sometimes, the post office will mark a package delivered and it shows up the next day. That being said, I would contact your local post office as soon as possible and check with anyone who might live with you or your neighbors, who might have received the package by accident. If you believe it was theft, I highly recommend you file a stolen package report with your local police department.


Q: I am an international customer, and tracking has stopped updating, does that mean it's lost?

A: Every country handles shipping separately. Often times, when a package leaves the United States, the tracking stops as it does not work outside of the country. (Last update will sometimes be Carol Stream, IL.) International orders can take up to 6-8 weeks before arrival. If your package has not arrived by that time, please contact me at sugarcubedstudios@gmail.com with your order number so I can assist you. 


Q: Can you combine my orders so I can save on shipping?

A: Contact me at sugarcubedstudios@gmail.com with your order numbers so I can combine them and help you out. If the order has already been packaged and shipped out, then combining orders is not possible.


Q: I entered the wrong address! What do I do?

A: Contact me at sugarcubedstudios@gmail.com with your order number and correct address so I can make the proper changes. If the order has not been shipped, the address can be changed. Once the order has been shipped out, Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios is no longer responsible for the item(s) if it is delivered to the incorrect address, and no refunds will be issued. If the item(s) is returned to me in good condition, then you may purchase additional shipping and have your items reshipped or receive a refund of the order minus cost of the original shipping.


Q: Can you lower the cost of my package to avoid customs?

A: No. It is illegal, and all buyers are responsible for any fees that might be associated with their order.


Q: Do you offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges?

A: All sales are final. I do not offer cancellations, refunds, or exchanges at this time. This also includes pre-orders that might have a longer wait time for delivery. 


Q: I ordered an in stock item with a pre-order item? When will it ship?

A: Your in stock item will ship with your pre-order purchase.


Pins Inquiry

Q: The pin I want is sold out! Will it ever be restocked?

A: Unless the pin is marked limited edition or in the clearance section, then they will be restocked. Follow me on instagram to stay up to date with incoming designs.


Q: What is the difference between standard grade and B-grade?

A: B-Grade pins (also known as Seconds Pin) are pins that have more noticeable flaws such as scratches, lowfills, or stains. That being said, standard grades are not flawless and may contain minor cosmetic flaws as these are handmade. 


Q: Can you design a pin for me?

A: Unfortunately, I do not do custom designed single pins as I do have to send these to a factory to get made. Usually, minimum orders are of 100 pieces. If you are looking  to bulk order a custom designed pin, please contact me at sugarcubedstudios@gmail.com and we can discuss further there. 


Q: Do you wholesale?

A: Yes! Please contact me at sugarcubedstudios@gmail.com for more information.


Apparel Inquiry

Q: What is the sizing/fit on the T-shirts like?
A: T-shirts are unisex and usually have a smaller fit than the intended size. Please refer to the sizing charge on each listing and double check your size with the clothing size. 


Q: Do the clothes shrink in the wash/dryer?
A: No, they do not shrink.


Q: Do the colors fade?

A: The designs are dyed into the fabric, unlike screenprinting or DTG process, so it will not fade.


Q: What is the material for the apparel? 
A: Everything is a polyester material or blend. However, each apparel type does have a different overall texture to it. For example: T-shirts are more athletic wear and lightweight. Sweaters are thicker and have fleece texture on the inside to keep you warm. 


General Inquiry

Q: Will you ever attend [x] convention?

A: It depends! I am working on expanding my reach for conventions, but if you'd like to know where I am headed this year, please head on over to the convention schedule page to find out more information.


Q: Can you draw [x] characters?

A: It depends, I like to draw things that I enjoy, so if it's from a series or game that I have no interest in, then the likelihood of me designing something for it is low. That being said, I'd love to hear your suggestions! 


Question still not answered? Head on over to Contact Me and send me a message!